Moles terrorizing your yard? FAQs


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Moles terrorizing your yard? FAQs

Do I have a Mole?

The best way to determine if you have moles is by surveying the damage. With moles you’ll see mounds of dirt and/or surface tunnels. Not all moles make both surface tunnels and dirt mounds, if you have one or the other you have a mole.

If you see an exposed tunnel entrance with discarded dirt around the entrance, it’s not a mole, your pest is more likely to be a ground squirrel.


When is the best time of year to trap moles?

Moles can be trapped in almost any season and most weather conditions. There is no specific time when they are easier to catch. Moles dig in the same way at any time of the year, but they do tend to be more active during the spring, summer and fall. When moles are more active, they use their runs more frequently and thus have a greater exposure to a set trap.

Why do moles create tunnels and hills?

Moles create tunnels for two purposes, traveling and feeding. Traveling tunnels are pathways between feeding areas and the den. Feeding areas are usually marked by clusters of hills and shallow tunnels. Their purpose is allow the mole to hunt for its main diet, worms. The mounds or “mole hills” are excess dirt that has been mined away by the mole to create these tunnels.

If moles are carnivorous, why are my plants dying?

mole pest control springfield moMoles often scrape away dirt from the root system of plants in search of grubs and worms. In doing this, moles scrape away the plants’ source of nourishment and the plant dies.

Can cats or dogs catch moles?

Yes, on occasion, a crafty cat or dog can catch a surfaced mole. It is very rare and typically happens to only the mole pups. If you really want to get rid of a mole call a professional.

How many moles do I have in my yard?

Most mole problems consist of one or two moles doing a considerable amount of damage. A good indication of how many moles you may have is to clear all the hills away with a rake. You can then determine how many areas are active concurrently by observing where the new mole hills are being created. If you have two different areas of fresh mole activity in one night, there is a possibility you have more than one mole. If you have only one area active at a time, you may have only one mole. There is no concrete way of determining exactly how many moles there are until moles are trapped and there is no more activity.

Do moles go into houses?

Moles rarely surface, and almost never travel above ground. It is then highly unusual for a mole to scurry around in a house since such a journey would be particularly perilous for an animal that is not equipped to travel on open flat surfaces. The exception would be for those homeowners with a shallow or no house foundation. In such situations, moles can be heard scratching underneath the shallow floor as they navigate in their tunnels.

How do I get rid of my mole infestation? 

Chilton’s Pest Control will be able to handle these problems for you.  You can rest assured that you will be well taken care of.  Our methods include the use of mole traps and repellents, so that no future mole problems will re-occur.

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