The Professional Pest


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The Professional Pest

Your home isn’t the only place pests are trying to get into this winter! Restaurants, banks, schools, offices, grocery stores, and even your favorite retail stores all have the potential to be overrun with nasty pests. Have you ever seen a cockroach scurrying across the local grocery store floor? (We hope not, but you probably have!) There are a lot of reasons for how it could have gotten there, but the store is probably only halfway to blame.


How Pests Get In

Winter weather, as we all know, brings in a lot of unwanted critters seeking warmth and food they can’t find outdoors. The typical winter pests in homes are just as likely to be found in businesses – these include mice and spiders! Cockroaches also like to come inside for the winter, and can usually be found where you least want them. Public businesses will often have their doors open a good portion of the day with customers coming and going, giving these pests the perfect opportunity to sneak in unseen. Grocery stores can become an easy food source for mice, as well as restaurants. Products coming into the business can also bring in unwanted pest problems.


How Are Pests Taken Care Of?

All businesses should be on a pest maintenance program to take care of any problems that arise, and to take preventative measures for possible pests. Much like residential homes, commercial property can be easily taken care of with a regular program of pest control by Chiltons Pest Control. Most problems can be taken care of that day due to our convenient location in Nixa, Missouri. As a local company serving its local customers, Chiltons Pest Control strives to keep you, your family, and your business safe from pests and harmful chemicals (we even have a combined experience of this for 45 years!). Give us a call today to have a licensed technician come to your business for a free professional inspection and determination!

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