Rodents(rats and mice) are small creatures that are good at gnawing even the thickest of woods and other barriers. They are known to scavenge for food in places like dumpsters, trash bins, and even in sewers. Because of this, these small mammals are likely to carry diseases and parasites that can cause life threatening illnesses.

Rats and mice belong to different species of rodents. They can be distinguished from each other mainly by their size: rats are bigger than mice. Even their droppings differ in size: rat droppings are roughly ¾ of an inch long while mice droppings are just approximately ¼ of an inch in size. Knowing what infests your homes can help in deciding which extermination method is appropriate.

Rats and mice are vectors of many diseases. They can either directly cause disease through their bite, droppings or urine. Among the common diseases directly caused by rats or mice are: Leptospirosis, Rat-bite Fever, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Lassa Fever, Plague and Salmonellosis. Rats and mice can be infested with mites and fleas that are also known disease vectors; hence they can also indirectly spread these diseases: Scrub typhus, Rickettsialpox, Lyme Disease and Murine Typhus

Keeping your house clean can help keep these pests away. Properly dispose your wastes and keep your trash bins closed and pay particularly close attention to left-over food. Watch out for signs of rodents: gnawed of dry-walls, clothing or pieces of paper or plastic, rat or mice droppings, or signs of a nest.

You may try to get rid of these pests on your own, but it’s always best to call in the professionals. Chilton’s Environmental professional pest control team knows the correct method to get rid of rodents. It can be baiting & trapping, or poisoning – whatever it is, our team will help you get rid of these troublesome rodents once and for all. The rodenticides we use are EPA-approved; rest assured that there will be no harmful residues that may bring harm to you, your family, even your pets.

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