Not Your Typical Winter Pest


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Not Your Typical Winter Pest

The typical winter pests – mice, spiders, and bed bugs – take all of your attention when the cold weather starts to roll in. But there are more pests, obscure pests, that you still have to be on the look out for… Termites, Fleas and Moles. They may be considered summer pests, but trust us, they will bug you year round!



Where there is wood, there could be termites. Your home is very attractive to these critters because they love wood. They can overtake the inside of your walls and furniture by eating through the materials that make them up. This is what makes them dangerous – without you knowing, they could easily destroy important beams within your home that could make it unsafe.

Why is it important to get a termite inspection?

You might never know they are there! Using special tools and trained professionals, Chilton’s Pest Control can quickly and easily identify the bugs inside and outside your home. When trying to sell your home, it is a good idea to get it inspected before potential buyers come in – they will want to know if your home has been tested, and what might be there.



Contrary to popular belief, moles do not hibernate! Instead, they will usually borrow deeper into your yard – however, they still might pop up and ruin the upper levels of soil. While other companies might use chemicals to get rid of these pests, Chilton’s Pest Control uses mole traps and repellents that are safe for the environment. Rather than letting these pests destroy your plants, call us today so we can help!



Fleas DO NOT go away during the winter. Even one warm day during this cold season will cause fleas to become active again. When your pets go outdoors, they can be infested and cause a variety of skin infections. Using safe pesticides is how we handle fleas!


Dealing with winter pests can be a hassle that no one wants. Instead of handling it yourself, call a trained professional today that has been in the business since 1994! Chilton’s Pest Control’s technicians have an average of 15 years of experience in the business and offers the best customer service in town. For a free quote on your home or business, call us at (417) 725-0306.