Moisture Control


Moisture Control – Springfield, MO

Proper ventilation and the installation of a moisture barrier are important to preserving the wood foundation and subflooring of your home. Wood damage in homes due to wood-destroying insects and wood destorying fungi – damp rot is a serious problem and causes billions in damage annually. Chilton’s Environmental offers two effective ways to reduce the risk of damage: 1. Temp Vents and 2. Moisture Barriers

Temp Vents

The foundation is critical to the integrity of the home. That’s why foundation ventilation is critical. Unventilated foundations are subject to built-up moisture that can eventually lead to costly damage.

Temp Vent foundation vent systems help protect this critical area of the home. What’s more, ventilation can help control conditions that lead to mold, mildew, fungi, damp rot and unhealthy air.

Termites love moisture

But there’s more. If there’s one thing termites are attracted to, it’s warm, moist, dead air environments such as those found under houses in crawl spaces or unfinished basements. Temp-Vent products have been especially designed for the pest control industry.

Temp-Vent foundation vents help to provide ventilation that can reduce moisture in these areas, which helps control termites.

The Temp-Vent opens and closes automatically using a temperature sensitive bi-metal spring. The louvers will be completely open at approximately 72°F and completely closed at approximately 38°F.

The advantages:

  1. Reduces moisture buildup in the crawl space and thuse reduces excessive dampness and fungus.
  2. Reduces heating fuel consupmtion by reducing the amount of cold air during temperature below 38°F.
  3. Helps prevent allergies due to fungus infestations.
  4. Helps in prevention of frozen pipes
  5. Removes the problem of human error in opening and closing ventilators.
  6. Beautifies exterior of home.

Moisture Barrier

The installation of a moisture barrier and proper foundation ventilation are important to preserving the wood foundation and subflooring of your home.

The installation of a Chilton’s Environmental moisture barrier in the crawlspace will cause soil moisture to condense on the underside of the barrier and return to the soil. This reduces condensation on floor joists, subflooring and other structural timbers that lead to attack by wood-destroying insects.

A Chilton’s Environmental moisture barrier is professionally installed in 70 to 80% of the crawlspace, allowing wood to dry slowly, minimizing warping and cracking. Each barrier is made of 6-mil polyethylene and is non-transparent, a combination proven to provide protection over the years and reduce barrier deterioration.

If not addressed, moisture problems in the foundation can cause many costly consequences, including structural damage. Often, these problems go unnoticed by homeowners.

Moisture can create an environment that attracts insect populations and can contribute to the conditions that can cause mold, mildew and wood decay.