Larger Pests


Chilton’s Environmental has dealt with all sorts of pests, even the large pests like squirrels, raccoons and possums. These mammals may look adorable in cartoons and movies, but in real life they pose threats to you and your family’s safety.

Large pests cause property damage, and can create nests in your attics or basements. They can gnaw through dry wall and they can chew your electrical wirings, which makes your home prone to fire due to faulty wiring. They are attracted to food and are known to scavenge through garbage bins and even compost piles. Because they go through various unsanitary locations like garbage and sewers, these pests serve as vectors for diseases. Possums are known to be carriers of diseases like trichomoniasis, tuberculosis, and tularemia, to name a few. Squirrels, which are actually rodents, are known to carry rodent-related diseases like leptospirosis. Raccoons are rabid, and they have sharp claws that can scratch you if you attempt to catch or trap them by yourself. These pests are dangerous, especially if you have small children who can mistake them for a pet. These large pests can also cause harm to your dogs or cats.

Large pests are harder to deal with because of their tendency to defend themselves by scratching and biting. Only trained professionals should handle these cases. As soon as you spot any of these pests in your property, call us right away.  Chilton’s Environmental has years of experience in dealing with these larger pests. We have different types of non-lethal, humane traps for these pests, and we also use repellents to make sure that no incidents of similar infestation will occur in your home.

Don’t take chances and don’t risk your safety. Call Chilton’s for larger pests control.

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