Keeping the Mouse out of Your House


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Keeping the Mouse out of Your House

Brrrrr, it’s starting to get cool and crisp outside – Mice are going to be on the hunt for new sources of shelter, food and water for winter… We all know that they like to sneak into tiny places and quietly gnaw away at some of your attic or basement boxes. What you don’t know is that these animals could be carrying many diseases and tracking unnecessary bacteria into the areas of your home you can’t reach. Mice can live up to 3 years, but could potentially produce around 40 offspring a year. With the coldest season coming up, mice are more likely to try and get into your home to keep warm. Seeing a mouse in your home can certainly make dire thoughts run through your head – but don’t give up just yet!

How do mice get in and how can I stop them?

Mice can get in to your house through holes about the size of the end of your pinky.  They can also get in through pipes, windows, doors, and the foundation of your house. This makes it very hard to pinpoint exactly where they are coming from – however, by paying attention to where you see bite marks and feces, you should be able to know the general area. Critters like ants, roaches, spiders and other bugs can also sneak in, so it’s important to know what you can do to keep them out:

  • Make sure your kitchen is clean and no food is kept out
  • Use traps in the right areas
  • Use mouse poison (but be careful of any pets or small children around)
  • Investigate (and fix) potential entry points
  • The best defense: Good weather stripping to seal openings
  • If you’re not allergic, try getting a cat or rat terrier
  • Let Chiltons Environmental do a preventative service by putting mouse bait boxes out and doing exterior power sprays!

Taking care of mice in your home can be tricky, but using the above tips can help you in the long run. Especially before the winter weather hits hard, do your best to take any precautions to keep those unwanted critters out of your house. If you’d rather not get down and dirty, Chiltons Environmental would love to do it for you!