Fleas are external parasites that feed of the blood of animals like birds and mammals, including humans. There are many species of fleas, depending on which animal they infest. Here are some notable species:

• Dog Flea – Ctenocephalides canis
• Cat Flea – Ctenocephalides felis
• Human Flea – Pulex irritans

Fleas can infest our pets and cause them a variety of skin infections. Our pets experience great discomfort if they have fleas, and as reflex pets will try to scratch the affected areas. Our pets are at risk of developing bacterial infections if they wound themselves during scratching. Fleas can also carry tapeworm eggs; once our pets ingest these carrier fleas, they will develop tapeworms internally, which could be fatal.

In humans, the most dreaded disease that is flea related is the plague. The plague is caused by the bacteria Yersinia Pestis. Fleas serve as vectors for the bacteria, and these fleas are carried by rodents across the globe. Humans can get plague from fleabites or direct contact with the infected animal. Plague causes serious systemic failure, high grade fever, bleeding organs, and sometimes death. In 14th century Europe, the population decreased up to 60% because of Bubonic Plague, otherwise known as the “Black Death”. It is estimated that 25 million lives were lost to an otherwise tiny foe. In modern times, there are still reported cases, n 2013 alone there were 750 reported cases, 126 resulted in death.

As small as they come, fleas can cause devastating damage to you and your pets. Keeping our surroundings clean is always the first step to prevent any infestations. But in cases of severe flea infestations, you can always contact a trustworthy pest control company. Chilton’s Environmental uses environmentally-friendly pesticides that get the job done each and every time. Contact us and we’ll make sure that you and your pets are safe from the dreaded effects of fleas.

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