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Not Your Typical Winter Pest

The typical winter pests – mice, spiders, and bed bugs – take all of your attention when the cold weather starts to roll in. But there are more pests, obscure pests, that you still have to be on the look out for… Termites, Fleas and Moles. They may be considered summer pests, but trust us, they will bug you year …

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Voles and Moles, Oh My!

Have you ever been curious about what type of rodent has been eating your perennials and created the tunnels in your yard- well those critters are Voles and Moles. Fortunately there are ways of telling them apart and ways to get rid of them.   First off, Moles are blind and funky looking, although humans rarely see them. Moles live underground and …

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Moles terrorizing your yard? FAQs

Do I have a Mole? The best way to determine if you have moles is by surveying the damage. With moles you’ll see mounds of dirt and/or surface tunnels. Not all moles make both surface tunnels and dirt mounds, if you have one or the other you have a mole. If you see an exposed tunnel entrance with discarded dirt …

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