Clean Home Prevention

How to Prevent Pests

Here are some basic tips on how to keep pests away! Of course, if you ever have a pest problem feel free to give us a call: we offer Free Inspections! 1. Leftovers: Ants love them! Store food in airtight containers like Tupperware or jars with rubber seals on the lids. 2. Keep a tight lid on your trash can at all …

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How To Mow Your Lawn 1

We’re Adding Mowing Services!

Chilton’s Environmental is adding a landscape devision to our company, including mowing services. If you’re looking to enjoy your yard more without putting in the money for supplies or the labor on hot summer days then you need to call Chilton’s! We are offering lawn services to residential and commercial properties. Do you know what the greatest part is? While …

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Moles terrorizing your yard? FAQs

Do I have a Mole? The best way to determine if you have moles is by surveying the damage. With moles you’ll see mounds of dirt and/or surface tunnels. Not all moles make both surface tunnels and dirt mounds, if you have one or the other you have a mole. If you see an exposed tunnel entrance with discarded dirt …

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Why Chilton’s?

Chilton’s Environmental Termite & Pest Control is family owned and operated business located in Nixa Missouri and serving Southern Missouri since 1994. You can count on us to eliminate your pest problems and to keep your home and family free from those pesky nuisances! Chilton’s Environmental cares about your safety. That is why we offer Peace of Mind Inspections for Free, …

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