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Behind the Scenes of Chilton’s Pest Control

Chilton’s was started in 1995 because of a passion for protecting family, friends, and their homes and businesses from the potential dangers of bites and structural damage. Stella Chilton, the owner, is a huge proponent of being part of the community – she is a part of many networking groups like Chamber of Commerce, Networking Today, M.O.B., Working Women in Nixa, …

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The Professional Pest

Your home isn’t the only place pests are trying to get into this winter! Restaurants, banks, schools, offices, grocery stores, and even your favorite retail stores all have the potential to be overrun with nasty pests. Have you ever seen a cockroach scurrying across the local grocery store floor? (We hope not, but you probably have!) There are a lot …

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Not Your Typical Winter Pest

The typical winter pests – mice, spiders, and bed bugs – take all of your attention when the cold weather starts to roll in. But there are more pests, obscure pests, that you still have to be on the look out for… Termites, Fleas and Moles. They may be considered summer pests, but trust us, they will bug you year …

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Keeping the Mouse out of Your House

Brrrrr, it’s starting to get cool and crisp outside – Mice are going to be on the hunt for new sources of shelter, food and water for winter… We all know that they like to sneak into tiny places and quietly gnaw away at some of your attic or basement boxes. What you don’t know is that these animals could …

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Fall Pest Control and Maintenance

The leaves are changing, the air is becoming crisper, and the pests are on the move! Fall is migration season for a lot of critters – trying to find warmth and shelter for the approaching winter months. Mice, spiders and cockroaches are the big 3 we’re going to cover. Mice:   Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it has allowed …

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All About Bed Bugs

The ultimate blood thirsty hitchhikers…. bed bugs! Bed bugs need to feed every 5-10 days, but can actually survive without feeding for several months. This dormant period is perfect for transitioning into new homes under the radar. Here are several ways bed bugs get into your home: When you buy secondhand furniture such as beds, couches, and chairs, check for any signs …

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The Dangers of Wasps

There are 30,000 different species of wasp, and some of these species are docile and don’t sting. Although, we know the aggressive ones… The most common wasps in Missouri are Yellow Jackets and Mud Daubers. All species of wasps help control the pest insect population, but what do you do if they are building a nest too close to home? …

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Fleas … The Ultimate Invaders

These pesky, itchy parasites thrive in the wet spring months and warm summer months, but can also appear at any time of year. Once they’re here, it can be almost impossible to get rid of them! As small as they come, fleas can cause devastating damage to you and your pets. In cases of severe flea infestations, you can always …

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What is a Silverfish?

Have you ever noticed scrawly-looking bugs run across your counter ? Notice tears and bite marks on the pages of your books? Bites in the wallpaper? This may be some signs of a silverfish- infestation. Good thing that there are ways to avoid of them, and if not that is where Chiltons comes in place! Its name, the Silverfish, comes …

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Voles and Moles, Oh My!

Have you ever been curious about what type of rodent has been eating your perennials and created the tunnels in your yard- well those critters are Voles and Moles. Fortunately there are ways of telling them apart and ways to get rid of them.   First off, Moles are blind and funky looking, although humans rarely see them. Moles live underground and …

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