Ants may be used as symbols for unity and hard work, but ants are also considered pests in areas that are supposed to be clean and sterile- like in kitchens. Unfortunately, the kitchen is where the food is, and ants are strongly drawn to it. Despite common misconception that ants prefer sweet food, they also go for protein, fats, even vegetables.

In their process of looking for food, ants build colonies that can cause additional damage to your home: nesting in walls, cracks under toilets and sinks, even in your electrical wiring. Your front lawn can also suffer damage once an ant colony decides to move in. The problem with ants is that their nesting habits are very erratic. As soon as they sense a disturbance from their current nest, they will move their nest elsewhere in your property. That’s the reason why sometimes you see ants in your homes, and sometimes you don’t. As long as there’s food source, there will always be ants in your home.

There are no real health hazards that are caused by ants, unlike rodents or roaches, but some people develop allergies when bitten by certain species. Ant bites can be painful, especially if you’re bitten by a group of them. In extreme cases an allergic reaction may require medical attention.

To deal with ants, one must have a deep understanding of their nature. The experts here at Chilton’s Environmental have devised methods on how to successfully spray and bait ants, and we also make sure that the colony’s queen is exterminated. Exterminating the queen makes sure that the ant colony will no longer thrive. We can help you in keeping your home ant-free for a long period of time.

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