Ants are Marching!


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Ants are Marching!

Spring is right around the corner this March and one thing that will come marching in is the ants. Ants are a bothersome factor that comes along with the warmer weather. Many have trouble keeping ants out of the homes, especially the kitchen. Their are simple household solutions to keep these guys out!

The first step is to maintain a clean home, never leave food out or trash bags left open. Invest into a trash can that has a cover, and do not leave trash bags out, take them outside to the dumpster immediately. Even though we all long to be outside in the summer, you have to make it a priority to clean weekly. When you get food out in the kitchen, put it away after using whatever item it may be. Seal open bags of things such as flour, sugar etc. Clean up every crumb and spill, because a small amount can attract many ants. Also do not leave dirty dishes in the sink. Pour vinegar and ice cubes through the sink disposal.

Outside of your home: Check the entry ways of your home, and blotch up any openings that you can. Make sure to always keep a clean garage, by keeping your garage organized, offers fewer ants from coming in and makes them easier to spot. Replace window and door screens that have holes and tears. Trim up shrubs and tree branches around your home, because these act as a bridge for ants.

If you keep noticing ants coming into your home follow the trails of ants, if possible, to see if you can tell where they are getting inside. If this is not obvious to you, then Chiltons can help! We are trained to find the area where ants are entering as well as to locate the ant colony. You can also go along the exterior of your home and look for any areas that ants may be crawling around on your foundation or along walls to see if you have a gap in the exterior. These are just some of the preventative steps a homeowner can make when trying to avoid springtime ants, and if that still doesn’t work, leave the rest of the work for Chiltons!